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For Individual helpers/business owners








If you have selected the Business Directory, You will be forwarded to a paypal payment page to arrange payment for your 6 monthly  listing payment.

You will be sent a login user name and password, you can now log in and start setting up your profile with the below instructions

You would have now been sent your login/password or sign up by facebook.


Profile Setup

Using the login details you can now log into your back office

1.Profile settings – Please fill out only the following

2. Start with uploading a current photo/logo of your self or business so the booking mum will know who to expect.

3. Name – First & last name

4. Biography – this is a great place to fill any details about your self or your business and services- that you want to share a sentence or 2 of who you are back ground, are you a uni student, stay at home mum, retiree, any qualifications you may want to share (like first aid, childcare, uni) that you feel would help increase the chance of you being hired by our mums. You can put days that you are available to work if you have set days and even suburbs that you will work in.
Your Biography needs to include your fee for the service you provide, it can be a set fee or a and amount from.

5. Contact details– phone and email – make sure these are contacts you use dailyour address– DONT PUT YOUR STREET NUMBER IN – only your street and suburb or just your suburb – this will allow the website to find you if the mum is searching via her suburb.

6. All home helpers must submit a current working with children’s check.

7. It also allows you to select how far away from home you are able to travel in kilometres

8. Service to perform at – Must be at the customer location.

9. Category – Select the category applicable.

10. RADIUS – By sliding the line across you can select how far you are happy to travel from home – and this is up to you and can be changed anytime. I have made this up to 10km. If you are happy to  travel more than 10 km please let me know by emailing admin@themumsource.com.au

11. SOCIAL MEDIA – no need to add your details, unless you are in business.

Everything else should be left blank or unchanged.

For Customers (Mums)

For mums to see full profiles you need to register (its FREE) by clicking on the sign up in the right hand corner and select the customer tab.

You can register via the facebook tab or by email and password.