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Q & A’s for Providers

Do I need to bring anything with me to the home help booking?
The Mum Source suggests eco friendly products – such as Koh/Eko Worx, Enjo etc
It is suggested you take your own cleaning products with you, but if you do supply your own products, make sure you include this in your listing.
Otherwise, let the family know that you dont supply products, before the booking.

How Do I get paid?
As this is an introduction & booking website only, you are not an employee of The Mum Source. Your employment is between your self and the booking family. All bookings are paid upfront by the booking family and held by The Mum Source until the job has been completed. Payment will be made with in 2 business days to your nominated bank account (this maybe take longer if over the weekend). The payment amount is $25 per hour. Booking family’s cost is $30 per hour minus $4.50 admin fees (to cover public liability & admin) and .50 cent transfer fee.

What do I need to list?
You will need to upload a copy of your working with childrens check or Blue Card if in Queensland.
If you have any further certificates or qualifications (police check, first aid, certificates) please add this to your listing as this will only help you get jobs.

The Mum Source home helpers that register on the website are covered by our public liability insurance with Zurich insurance for the amount up to $10,000,000. To be covered by this insurance all bookings must be booked and paid for via The Mum Source website. (you are not covered by our insurance if you take payment in cash) If a claim is needed to be made a $1,000 excess will be required to be paid by the home helper.

How do families make a booking?
On your profile you can have either phone/email or both as your contact, mums will use these to contact you to arrange a booking, they will then complete the booking via your profile. The quicker you respond the better feed back you will get from the booking mums.

What to do if I have bad feedback?
If you have a bad review or a complaint, you will be contacted by The Mum Source to see if it can be sorted out.
If you have 3 lots of bad feedback (this maybe less, at the discretion of The Mum Source) you will be removed from the website and your subscription to the website will be cancelled.