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How to book

How to make a booking
To make a booking search via your address on the home page and if there are providers with in
10km radius of your home they will come up on the screen. You then need to register to see the providers details.

You can do this on the top right hand corner *SIGN UP* and select the top tab to *customer*,

You can do this via facebook sign up or by using your email address and password.
You can then contact the provider directly via email or phone to confirm availability.

To make a booking select the date and hours you are needing. We have a 2 hour min booking policy. 



What do the providers help with?

Home Help – tasks –
Dishes, Wiping down stove tops/benches/tables, clothes washing/folding/ironing,
changing/making beds, dusting, vacuum, mop floors, laundry/bathroom benches vanities
dusting, room tidy,light meal prep- chopping veggies, running errands, make bookings.
RE organizing linen and pantry cupboards, watering the garden, errands etc

Babysitting, nannies, night nannies –
This includes caring for your child when you are not at home and also if you are in the home
(you may work from home). If the providers have working with childrens checks and certificates they are asked
to include this in their listing. As a parent, it is your responsibility to do your due diligence when
hiring someone in the home. Please contact the babysitter and ask the questions you need to know.


All Businesses listed via The Mum Source Platform carry their own ABN, certificates and appropriate insurances –
Any questions about each business should be directed at the business, not the Mum Source

What checks will be done on the providers?

All those that register on the website as a Mum Source Providers are required to provide THE MUM SOURCE with an upto date working with childrens check/blue card for Queensland. Additional to this, the booking parent must ask questions and do your due diligence when hiring from an introduction website such as The Mum Source.
The Mum Source wants to provide you with the knowledge that all providers have submitted these documents before being able to be hired and all home helpers and babysitters are covered by our public liability insurance.

If there are any questions you have regarding this please email admin@themumsource.com.au.