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Community Safety

Community Safety

The Mum Source community is created by trust, trust from the booking mum, trust from the home help provider, trust from The Mum Source platform. We have set up the following guidelines, that we expect both parties to follow when using The Mum Source platform.

If the following Safety clauses are not met or breached, the booking mum or provider will be removed from The Mum Source Platform.

For the Booking Mum

You must insure you have a safe working environment for the home help provider to work in.

The home needs to be

– structurally sound

– no hazardous chemicals

– to have no obstacles or animals in the home that may cause injury or harm to the home help providers.

Not being under the influence of any illegal drug/alcohol substance while the home help provider is in your home.

The booking must be done in the name of the person the home help provider is working for and all details given must be true and correct.

For home help providers

You are to only do, what is asked of you by the booking mum with in the scope of chores outlined in the terms and conditions of The Mum Source Platform.

You are to be aware of your surroundings and to make sure you keep a safe working environment at all times for your own occupational health and safety. (eg -using a mop and bucket – be aware of wet floors for your self and others) For more information on OH & S and safe working procedures please refer to –


You MUST NOT be under the influence of any illegal Drugs/alcohol substances while performing jobs through The Mum Source platform.

Any Breeches of this please advise The Mum Source admin@themumsource.com.au